Welcome to the growth challenge

Your Business Grows With The Right Effort In The Right Places!

90 days of guidance & accountability

This Challenge is created to keep your business growing and keep you accountable for your actions. Here we plan to instantly increase your income and develop a sound business model that will keep you relevant within the industry!

Time Managment

How to create products, automation and out sourcing techniques that free your time and increase income!

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How to fill events with qualified leads and ensure you are confidently delivering quality content!

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Marketing & Sales

How to appeal to your audience and get them inquiring using the 4 flawless fundamentals of ad creation!

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Primary Points Pyramid

Using our Primary Points Pyramid we identify the 3 elements that create the structure of your business success!

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Content Analysis

Ensuring you create relevant and consistent content that keeps your audience entertained!

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Making sure all progress is made around your current circumstances, adding value and time not taking it!

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Our 90 day shift to change your business and life will involve implementation of 6 key modules in the areas of business, industry, marketing and sales to allow you to deep dive into the content and grow your fitness business. When you emerge from the tasks, educational points and guidelines you will be astonished in the difference it has made to your company, your brand and your life!

If you follow the format and implement to the letter we guarantee more success in your fitness profession and more time to focus on growth and your lifestyle than ever before!

challenge accepted

Worlds of innovation

Our best case study is our own biggest personal success! Our coaches and mentors are the best at what they do building over £1.3 Million business in less than 2 years.

This does not mean you will be flashing your mansion in Miami while you drive down Sunset Boulevard in your Lambo, that’s not what we make you believe it will look like, but it does mean a healthy, comfortable, sustainable lifestyle for you!

challenge accepted

Time is money

And we want to guide you to have more of both. What would you do if you had more time to focus your energy on the growth of your business? What would you invest in if you had the spare cash to pour into the business to guarantee its success?

Location is everything

You can visit us at our very own successful fitness facility “The Gravity Academy” and witness the power of creating an over subscribed product, service and facility. 

At the Academy you will clearly see what we have done to distinguish our niche, market, brand and strategy to which we will be more than happy to go through with you as one of our Fitrepreneurs!

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