Making a better world for the industry and those it serves

Learn industry business

From tried and tested methods used by experts in the industry from e-commerce to service and brand building

from concept to sale

Giving you the best possible start and continuation of your business and brand within the industry

create your niche and model

Working to position you and utilise your specific skill set to band together offerings that suit you and serve your ideal clients

primary points & blocks

Together we will discover the 3 Primary Points to help create the structure of the business and build it with the 5 essence blocks

Choose the perfect path for your business & brand

We offer different services for different needs. Some of you will need a community for support and some of you will need full mentorship with all the trimmings. Here we give you the option to decide what you need to grow your business and brand!


Mastermind support/events

  • 6 Month Membership
  • Access to Monthly Mastermind
  • Access To Local Community
  • Lead By Over 30 Years Industry Knowledge
  • Talks & Q&A With Other Industry Experts


introductory offer

  • 3 Months Support
  • Framing Phone Call With Mentors
  • Monthly Re-Framing Meetings
  • Tasking And Tutorials
  • 2 Mentors Supporting You With Different Skill Sets


all inclusive mentorship

  • 6 Month Mentorship
  • Monthly Accountability Sessions
  • Weekly Catch Up And Growth Tasking
  • Meetings With Other Influential Industry Experts
  • Full Access To Network

We Do Work With Recommended Financial Providers To Allow Monthly Payments

Frequently asked questions

This is a question with an honest answer of it is greatly dependent on you! We an give you all the tools and contacts as possible, but without the implementation and the drive of someone with passion and perseverance, you might as well waste your money else where. We want to help build great businesses and brands in the industry to help the public and build great connections.

We are always looking for experienced Fitness Professionals to work with. If we feel your knowledge and experience can help others in the industry we would love to hear from you and see how we can get you involved!

Fitrepreneur are working to produce quality services & products for the public from the Fitness Industry. Contact Us

Our clients say

"The team at Fitrepreneur really helped frame my business and guide me in a direction that I didn't even initially think of. Creating connections is now what I do for a living!"
Rossana trajkovska
Owner: The Painted Porch UK, Coventry
"I was one of those people who would doubt their knowledge and not know how to compete with others who I thought know more. I now teach my niche to other coaches and believe in my ability to coach!"
Aaron Lauder
Owner: Fit Fast Calisthenics
"The connections and networking opportunities I have walked away from mentoring with Fitrepreneur have been phenomenal. I have become known in my niche and built my brand as an extention of me!"
Ian Campbell
Owner: Modern Screen Combat, Harrow
"We managed to fill my gym and start a waiting list in less than 1 month, and just when I thought I reached my income limit we found other effective revenue streams. I more than recommend these guys!"
Joe Massey
Owner: Gravity Academy, Coventry
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